The Stream of David's Tya Academy

 The Stream is Source consciousness channeled by David Strickel. Tya is the practical application of the Stream's teachings. Begin your life transformation by learning these powerful tools and making the Tya Practice your new way of life. 


Tya - A New Operating System for Your Life!


About Our Programs

With hundreds of graduates all over the world, we have proven that Tya is an effective new operating system for all who wish to operate their lives in harmony with universal law, as opposed to against it as we are often taught. 


Tya is the right set of tools at the right time for our increasingly curious reality. Our certified coaches will guide you to a life of joy, clarity, and abundance that will continue to pay dividends throughout your life as you continue your practice. 


Our Tya Team

Our team of coaches, mentors, and guides are all successful graduates of Tya Bootcamp with many going on to advanced Tya programs such as Tya Expanded and Tya Mastery. 

We train and develop our team continually to offer our students the very best learning environment and an ever-expanding community of Tya practitioners globally. 


Our Live Events

We offer live-online Masterclass events as well as our exciting Ascension workshop events.

Our masterclasses are a great way to learn more about our academy offerings and our in-person workshops offer an opportunity to flow in the presence of Source with others who hold similar curiosity and high-vibrational intentions. 

The results from our live interactions have been described as "supervibes." and are astonishingly life-changing. 

Click to see our live events calendar reserve your space for our upcoming events. 


Tya Bootcamp™  The first big step in making Tya your new way of life. 

People worldwide are reinventing their lives with the Tya Practice, a quantum mindset practice with no rules, judgment, worship, or deities. 

Tya provides all the tools you need to systematically raise your default vibration, thus expanding your progression of enlightenment. This provides ever-increasing joy, clarity, and abundance in your life! 

Tya Bootcamp is an immersive twelve-week program that provides tools, coaching, and accountability to make Tya Practice your new way of life.

Take our free 45-minute Masterclass and learn more about Tya & Tya Bootcamp. 

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Tya Money Mindset

Tya Bootcamp is a big deal, but major transformations require major investments in terms of time, money, and commitment. We created Tya Money Mindset for those who are vibrationally ready but not yet financially aligned with investing thousands in their futures. 

A great introductory program for pre-bootcampers who are not yet able to invest in Bootcamp!

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Stream Guided Meditations 

Prepare for a magical journey to your own Source connection with the Stream's channeled guided meditations.

Zoom out to the highest perspective with Source Connect, Create your own wealth vault with The Vault and get a fast trip to a higher vibration with Quick Clear. 

Purchase individually or get the complete bundle. Instant access! 

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The Stream Summit Experience II

Didn't manage to watch The Stream Virtual Summit II live? No worries! Embrace your abundance mindset and watch the on-demand video today! 

Make sure you put in the work! I promise once you reach the end, with all the lessons and channeled insights you’ll have learned, the whole experience won’t have felt longer than an hour! 

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A life of joy, clairty, and abundance awaits!


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