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The Tya Practice™ is an upgraded operating system for your life, offering proven tools to raise your vibration and live with joy, clarity, and abundance. Imagine releasing fear, judgment, and limiting beliefs. Become more confident, at peace, and empowered to create the life you desire! Watch The Four Secrets to A Joyful & Abundant Life—our most popular masterclass—on demand.



In this masterclass, you will learn the basics of the Tya tools that will help you live a life of freedom and joy. It will give you new techniques to improve every aspect of your life—even bringing you to a point where you begin to appreciate the negative events of your past!


Topics Covered:

- The connection between your "root" transgressors and your abundance blocks

- Finding appreciation for everything that has occurred in your life...and discovering the true meaning of it!

- Understanding, navigating, and managing your virtual vibrational spiral

- Shifting your mindset on anything to a version that serves you better

- Avoiding being baited into anger

- Reversing any "downward spiral" at will

- Releasing limiting beliefs which hold you back from having anything you desire


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"The Stream is delivering the path to a joyful and abundant life in these teachings. This truly is a new operating system for humans! "

Stacie Proft Clenet
Tya Master

"Thank you doesn't begin to cover it, but my whole being thanks David, the wonderful Tya team & of course the Stream for the huge light & clarity they've brought into my life!"

Deborah Wilson
Tya Bootcamp Gradaute

"Thank you so much for doing this Masterclass. I had so many take-aways! Something I had not seen before but it was really helpful to me was the graphic that showed the vibration line and the positive above and negative below. I am a visual person and that really gave me a clear picture of how your vibration attracts things and situations to you."

Beth Dougherty
Tya Bootcamp Graduate

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