The Global Awakening is happening, How will you use this profound moment?

Join those around the world who, using the Tya™ Mindset Practice, have designed the life of their dreams! Discover the proven steps to release fear, anger, self-doubt, and other limiting beliefs which constrict your awakened reality. Learn to live in an almost-constant state of joy & clarity and to manifest all your dreams, including money, improved health, satisfying relationships & more!



In this masterclass, you will learn the basics of the Tya tools that will help you live a life of freedom and joy. It will give you new techniques to improve every aspect of your life - even bringing you to a point where you begin to appreciate the negative events of your past!

Topics that are covered:       

  • The connection between forgiveness and removing abundance blocks;
  • Finding appreciation for everything that has occurred in your life...and discovering the true meaning of it! 
  • Understanding, navigating, and managing your virtual vibrational spiral;
  • Shifting your mindset on anything to a version that serves you better; 
  • Avoiding being baited into anger; 
  • Reversing any "downward spiral" at will; and,
  • Releasing limiting beliefs which hold you back from having anything you desire!

"The Stream of David's Tya practice has guided me to true knowledge behind how my emotions can support the high flow of abundance in all situations. It's profound indeed!"

R. Raminyah Ingram
Tya Bootcamp Graduate

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