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Deep Relax - Guided Meditation

Allow your life to unfold magically rather than trying to hammer it into place.

The higher vibration energy is always up there, calling you up, and when you release these “needs” you will be up! Up where The Stream resides. Be general in the outcome you desire, simply allow and don't put a time restriction on your manifestations.

Deep relax promotes the vibration allowing your mind, soul, and body to relax.

What People Are Saying:

I went from earning $18k per year to $200K the next year. I also manifested full custody of my daughter, avoiding a huge legal battle that I once thought was inevitable. TYA Bootcamp is huge!

Qat Wanders

Upon graduating from the course and firmly utilizing the TYA practice on a daily level, I now have a thriving Acupuncture practice, top-level health with no constriction in my knee, zero financial stress, and an opportunity to travel to Europe to pitch my idea to an animation studio literally dropped into my lap!

Kimberly Gitzel