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Out of the Matrix ~ Guided Meditation

The matrix is the ego-centered collective conscientiousness of humanity. It serves to separate humanity from the divine and deliver a challenging physical experience. 

This is accomplished via the prolific use of fear and judgment, causing humans to operate at a lower vibration, rendering them compliant. 

Humanity has advanced its consciousness to a level where you are questioning the matrix more and more, and many are seeking to elevate their vibration and thus edit the matrix of fear and judgment. Exit the constructs that keep you confined and compliant. 

Abundance is your natural state and flows outside the matrix. 

This meditative journey is designed to guide you out of the matrix.

Set aside one full hour.

This channeled meditation of Source consciousness will take you as deep as you allow, and you'll need time to sit in silence and allow the full benefits to be realized once the recording has ended.